I am a creative technologist with a hybrid mix of web development expertise, strong writing skills, and management experience essential to guiding a project from concept to execution.



I'm a creative technologist. Whether it's marketing, advertising, editorial, e-learning or a mix of all of them, I aim to deliver engaging content for the user.

In this portfolio, I've tried to break down some of my best projects across development, creative, and project management categories, but in many cases, there is a lot of overlap. That's really my point with this collection, to exhibit the different aspects of my projects and how the best ones took something from column a, b, and c.

My approach has always been to evaluate what the project needs and then pick the right tool or combination of tools to make it happen. Lately, I've spent as much time concepting ideas and brainstorming solutions as I have coding them, and this has been a rewarding shift for me. I've definitely built some pretty complex pieces over the years, but I'm also very interested in applying my creativity to defining projects, the overall user experience, and even the art and copy.


Writing; Producing; Concepting; WordPress; Drupal; PHP; SQL; MySQL; JavaScript; jQuery; CSS; HTML; GIT; LAMP; Flash (AS 3); Photoshop; Audio/Video editing; Fluent in Italian;